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Log & Block Saunas

– in the garden of your cabin or home!

At the home, take a break from the small household chores in the warmth of your own sauna. The everyday electric sauna gives way to a wood-burning outdoor sauna or lakeside sauna. 

A private cabin is not an option for everyone, but you can indulge yourself and your family with a “trip to the cabin” by building a log sauna in the garden of your home. A wood-burning stove, water carried in buckets, a barbeque meal after the sauna, ahh… the joys of life at home! But what’s best of all, you can get a good night’s sleep in your own bed.

Construction from ThermiaHirsi Block

Because the availability of kelo wood has weakened due to the world situation, we currently build mainly from Thermia blog. ThermiaHirsi Ltd has developed an energy-efficient and ecological way of using northern tight-grained wood!

We still build from kelo wood as well, but the delivery time for the raw material is long, so you should set aside time for construction.

Log & Block Sauna

To your own taste
At the bottom of this page there are images of saunas we have built in Finland and in Europe. We can build you a fully customized sauna as far as size, shape and fittings are concerned. Contact us and let us know of your wishes, and we will help you to have a sauna of your dreams.