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Kuusamon kelomestarit
Professional Log & Block Builder

We build holiday homes, houses, cabins and saunas, and special purpose buildings such as restaurants and recreation houses from selected quality materials.

Houses with turn-key delivery

Our experienced builders and sub-contractors take care of all the construction work and fittings of your log house. Together with you, we design a building to suit your wishes and needs. Or send us your own design and plans for a building, and we will give you an estimate.


We are also experienced in larger construction projects, starting from ideas and design, and ending with the construction of the project buildings.
We always aim for practical, functioning and cost-efficient solutions.

Contact us and ask for more information.

Kuusamon Kelomestarit Ltd

We are skilled masters of log construction who build “turn-key” and custom design log houses. We have over 30 years of experience from log construction. In order to ensure the best results, we are constantly maintaining and developing our building methods and the quality of our products.

What we do, we do with guaranteed high quality.
VAT FI09472135